Our units are ideal for businesses needing more space for inventory, equipment, records, merchandise distribution……..you name it!
And we have a remodeled office suite that is ideal for a variety of office needs. The office space is approximately 2000 sq. ft. and there is approximately 1000 sq. ft. of storage space attached to it. Click here to see information and photos of this large office suite with storage space. -Currently Leased-

Our smallest units are 1000 sq. ft. and can hold a lot of merchandise, tools, equipment, supplies, the furniture and contents of an entire house, or an R.V. and a boat. They are perfect for a shop location also and some are being used for that purpose.

Our 2000 sq. ft. units can store large amounts of product or business or industrial equipment, and have room for shop space, or hold your R.V. and your boat and your car or truck, motorcycles, jet skis, etc and still have room to spare. Or store any combination of vehicles. We have one available with an office that is a great business location.

3000 and 4000 sq. ft. available upon request for the right situation and term of lease. Inquire for more information. All unit measurements listed on this site are close approximations, within a few feet plus or minus.

Utilities are available at tenants expense.

Tenants are required to carry liability insurance against damage they cause to the unit and must present proof of insurance.

Alterations to the units can be made at the tenants expense with owner consent and would be considered permanent, anything added or installed remains.

16’ High Ceilings in building D

Door’s 14’ x 14’- Large enough for 18 wheel trailers to be loaded and unloaded. Overhanging eaves to shield you from the weather.

Insulated ceilings with vents.

Access to clean, maintained, on premise restrooms with handicap access.


Each 1000 square feet unit measures 25’ x 40’ – Can be expanded into 2000, 3000, or 4000 square foot units.


  • $400.00 per month with $400.00 deposit
  • $450.00 per month with $450.00 deposit for units wired for electricity
  • Minimum Lease is Six Months.


  • $800.00-$950.00 per month with deposit equal to units rent
  • Minimum Lease is Six Months

All leases require first months rent and deposit in advance.